Our Japan factory and logistics centre  is located in Nihonbashi Osaka .

We can process plastic products, synthetic leather, resin plate and other material not only in overseas factories but also in Japan. 

We can also manufacture T-shirts, mugs, large signboards and printing various material of products.

"TSUKURO-YO" and "TSUKULAB" accept original product order without Minimum Order Quantity.

TSUKURO-YO: http://www.tsukuro-yo.com
TSUKULAB: http://www.tsukulab.com

China-Thailand branch

Our oversea branch offices play different role in purchasing and manufacturing . China is well known as the world factory do the work as material allocation, products developing , manufacturing. Thailand is our second  material allocation base which own the same high quality leather as  France and Italy.

Cambodia factory

Cambodia factory is different from China and Thailand.Cambodia is called the last frontier of Asia and famous of textile industry and sculpture industry. Therefore, there are many handmade workers in Cambodia. "Do everything seriously" is our basic requirements.

Our Japan factory own printing equipment, cutting equipment and sewing equipment. We are 
able to produce wallet, smart phone case and other products which over than 20 thousand per month.

In addition, we also attaches great importance to the development of Cambodia and the laboring environment. As a Japanese enterprise we make contributions to the development of Cambodia. 

Japan Quality Assurance


Our oversea staff own high technology provide high quality products. 

Delicately Correspondence

Our Japanese staff strict requirements for the size and shape of the products. 

Free Design

Customers  can change the design and shape of the products. The popular trends in Japan is the basic design for our products.

Variety Kinds of Materials

Our products are made from variety of materials, such as synthetic leather, leather, PVC, plastic, etc.. 


  • Our logistics center is able to flexible response to the customers all over the world.
    ​​​​​​​We can accept rush order that other company can not deal.

  • We are not only rely on oversea factories, our Japanese factory own strong productivity.
  • China play an important role on new product development and material supply.

  • Famous developing country Thailand as the second material supply space at the same time ensure the stability of the productivity.
  • Cambodia factory is our major production base. It is still on the developing stage.

  • We will do our best increase the number of products and improve productivity and technology.